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This neutered, male NAID named Jagr is looking for a new home. He is 2.5 years from our Jaina & Two Sock litter of 5/2012. Info from his current family: "Our family situation has changed significantly and we are no longer able to give Jagr the space and attention that we were able to when we brought him home. One of the major changes was our living situation due to a job change that required us to move suddenly and we are now in a rental home without a fenced in yard. Jagr no longer has the luxury of running around the yard without a tether because we fear he would run/wander away. The job changes require my husband and I to work longer hours than before and we are not in the house during the day. Because we are gone for long periods during the day we have had to put Jagr in a crate and we have seen a visible change in his mood/behavior. He has become incredibly destructive both inside and outside. We have tried our hardest to help him adjust to the new situation/house but he has been very happy with any solution we present. This is an incredibly hard decision for us because we have all fallen in love with Jagr, especially our son and daughter who love to cuddle with him. But if this situation is causing Jagr distress we don’t want him to suffer." He is located in Michigan. Please contact for more information.

This is Zeke. He is 7.5 years old, currently in the Chicago area and looking for a new home. He is from our June 2, 2007 litter. He is a very sweet boy and 99% of the time is a great family dog. As he has aged he has become more and more "grumpy" in not liking to tolerate being bothered sometimes. Unfortunately, in this situation he nips/bites and has recently caused injury to a smaller dog in their home. As the family also has children under 5 years old, they have made the difficult decision to rehome him. He would do best in a home as an only dog, he does however get along great with cats. Also any children should be teenagers or older so they are capable of understanding Zeke's signals when he isn't wanting to be bothered. Please contact us at for more info.

We provide re-homing assistance and rescue services free of charge for families whose NAID is in need of a new home for any reason. As you can imagine, expenses quickly add up from the basic costs of communicating with the families to transportation, along with food, supplies and vet expenses for those rescued NAIDs that are living permanently here at Terra Pines or those who are temporarily here while waiting for a new family.  

If you would like to make a donation to support our care of these NAID's you can do so by clicking on the button below which will take you to PayPal.

Purchase of Dog Toys with all proceeds going to support our NAID Rescue Services


If you are a family interested in providing a new home for a NAID in need, please fill out the rescue application below

NAID Rescue Application

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